SNAP Cuts Affect 1/2 Million Arkansans

A single mother talks about the cuts to the SNAP program and the effects it will have on her family.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Thousands of Arkansans who rely on food stamps will have to make do with less starting right now. Arkansas's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP, was cut by 5 percent.

One single mother, who also works and goes to school, says the cuts are taking a big bite out of the family budget. She gets about $170 in food stamps monthly, but as of Friday, she'll see $10 to $20 less.

Stubblefield says it's money that goes a long way to put food on the table. She is one of about a half million Arkansans who rely on food stamps. Arkansas is seeing a $52,000 reduction to the SNAP program. Now, people like Stubblefield are worried about providing enough food for their families.

"We're eating bologna and bread and cheese and you know just buy normal things like eggs. Milk is $4 a gallon. I mean stuff is just so expensive nowadays and what I get just doesn't cut it," said Kiera Stubblefield, SNAP recipient.

Stubblefield says it's going to be hard moving forward knowing she always never makes it to the end of the month. She admits she'll have to go to the food bank to fill the need. People affected by SNAP cuts say on top of the food they need to buy, they're even more worried about the Holidays and everything that comes with it.
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