Suspicious Person Knocks On Hillcrest Door During Man Hunt

Suspicious Person Knocks On Hillcrest Door During Man Hunt

The same time a search for suspects was underway Thursday morning a woman further down "H" street got a knock on her door by a man matching one of the suspect's description.
This woman said she watched from her living room as he crouched in her yard before she was able to call police and said she's thankful to live in  a neighborhood that looks out for one another.

"Everybody around here is close knit and keeps a look out for each other," said Kay Hunt.

Hunt said a neighbor came over immediately to make sure everything was okay.

"Said that there was somebody on Carol's front porch and to make sure we kept the doors locked and to make sure we don't open them for anybody," she said.

Hunt typically doesn't, without of course asking who it is first.

"Normally we pull up in our truck as you can see it's loaded with lawn equipment," said Mark Moskowski. "So surely we're here to do work."

Moskowski is clearing brush from the woman's yard who saw the suspicious man.

Already shaken up from what happened she did not want to go on camera, but did call a lawn service first thing to prevent anyone else from having an easy place to hide.

"As the brush grows throughout the year it gets thicker," said Moskowski. "Which can make it real easy to hide in."

"They've been by twice this morning," said Hunt.

Neighbors said they've already noticed an increased amount of patrolling in their area.

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