"Swatting" Shows Up In West Little Rock Neighborhood

"Swatting" Shows Up In West Little Rock Neighborhood

The popular trend of where someone makes a fake emergency call to 911 happened in a Little Rock neighborhood.
WEST LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A problem trend in Hollywood is now happening in central Arkansas.

Tonight, police are trying to find the people responsible for a "swatting" incident.

Swatting is when someone makes a false report to  911 in hopes of getting a SWAT team and police officers to come out.

Just this Friday, it happened in West Little Rock on Pebble Beach.

Police surrounded the home and the drama unfolded.

A neighbor agreed to talk to us if we didn't identify her.

She said, "A policeman knocked, with panic it sounded like, on our door."

She was there Friday morning when officers swarmed the home right next to hers.

She said, "I watched through the window and I saw multiple police cars as many as 10 and an ambulance."

According to a police report the caller said "I woke up bloody, possibly killed my girlfriend and my parents. I'm going to blow up the house. I will blow this whole block up."

Detectives found out that call wasn't made from the home and it was part of a swatting prank.

The suspect hacked into a Skype account, got a number and address from someone living at the home, then made the 911 call through the internet..

Police are investigating who's responsible for this swatting trick.

But in the police report it does state someone in the home possibly knew the suspect and that he's the same person who hacked several famous people.

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