Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Group Now in Mayflower

Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Group Now in Mayflower

Arkansas group HAWK has been caring for animals since Saturday but will turn over efforts to Texas agency.
MAYFLOWER, AR - The Arkansas group HAWK (Helping Arkansas Wild "Kritters"), which had been leading wildlife rehabilitation efforts after the Mayflower oil spill, says a Texas group now leads the project.

At noon today, HAWK posted on its Facebook the following:
As of today, Wildlife Response Services has taken over all oiled wild animal care. They are experts in oiled wildlife rehabilitation and headed up the oiled wildlife team that responded to the Gulf oil spill. Wildlife Response Services is federally permitted to do wildlife rehabilitation and is more than capable of caring for the anticipated patient load.

** All oiled wild animals from the Mayflower spill should NOW be reported to 1-800-876-9291 ** Please do NOT touch oiled wildlife due to high risk of human contamination by the extremely toxic sludge.

We will still be happy to accept donations for our ongoing rehabilitation efforts here at HAWK Center, but we will no longer be caring for the oil spill patients at our facility. If you are interested in pursuing an 8 hour hazmat training and volunteering at least one full day a week (12-14 hours) at the oiled wildlife response center near the spill, please let us know. hawkcenter.arkansas at gmail.com

Click here for our report on HAWK's work in helping the wildlife.
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