The American Idol from Arkansas Has Come Home

The American Idol from Arkansas Has Come Home

The American Idol winner is splitting his time between life on the road, and new responsibilities at home.

LITTLE ROCK, AR- Four years ago, he won the American Idol crown and moved away to Los Angeles.

But now Kris Allen is back, making Arkansas his home.

The "Out Alive" tour across the country ended this month.

While he says he loves being on the road, Allen says he has some bigger fish to fry, so to speak, at home.

Four years ago, Kris Allen's life changed, and it is about to change again.

"since I was in High School. I've wanted to be a dad."

Kris and Katy, who married in 2008, a year before Kris won Idol, are expecting a boy in July.

His thoughts about Katy:

"She's having my baby right now. I'm so proud of her. I tell her, listen, you look amazing right now.  My little son is in there."

Along with the excitement, there are some challenges too.

A few months ago, Kris, a pregnant Katy, and their dog were in a car when it was hit by another vehicle.

"I really messed my hand up. shattered it. I broke five bones, but it's getting there.

Some things are getting better, some are taking a little more time. "

Allen says the guitar actually works as therapy.

"It's getting better."

One song, inspired by his marriage, released a year ago on his "Thank You Camilia" Album.

It turned out to be a turning point in his career.

"I feel like when I made this record, I'm like okay, this is it. 

This is where I belong. 

I just feel more comfortable now."

Allen turns to the fans for inspiration, and he tries to inspire them in return.

Judging by his facebook and twitter pages, he has.

Fans look for every nugget of new information they can find.

Kris and Katy's baby is due in late July.

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