Two Injured In Accidental Gun Show Shooting

Two Injured In Accidental Gun Show Shooting

Man accidentally discharges gun at Hot Springs gun show.
HOT SPRINGS, AR -- It was a "shocker" at the gun show.

A man accidentally shot himself and another person at the event hosted by the Lions Club in Hot Springs.

Organizers of the gun show say they're very safe when putting this event together, so they're really not sure how this could've happened.

Just about every kind of weapon can be found at the Lions Club gun show, but those weapons typically aren't loaded, that's why organizer Larry Louden says everyone is shocked by today's accidental shooting.

He said, "We've been doing these gun shows since 1985 and never had a safety incident whatsoever."

Anyone who comes into the gun show with a weapon, checks in at the front desk.

Then, they're asked to clear their gun and receive a plastic zip tie which goes around the gun to make sure it doesn't fire.

Even with those safety measures in place, for both visitors and vendors, police say 42-year-old Charles Pike picked up a pistol from a table and it went off hitting him in the hand.

Then, the bullet ricocheted off the floor, grazing another man.

Louden said, "And for some reason, we don't know, this particular weapon had a round in it and had an accidental discharge."

Philip Kastner -- with Trader Bill's Outdoor Sports -- in Hot Springs says he's been to hundreds of gun shows but never heard of a weapon discharging at one.

He says it's something that just doesn't happen.

Kastner said, "I think it's a freak accident, I'm sure."

The reporter asked Kastner, "Do you think this incident will have people questioning safety at gun shows?"

After a pause, he replied, "You know there was a three car wreck here yesterday. Are we going to question vehicle safety every single day?"

No charges have been filed in this case, but police are still investigating.

Both men hurt went to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The gun show will be open again at the Hot Springs Convention Center Sunday from 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

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