UCA Police Investigate after Student Targeted by Collectors of $7M Debt

Officers ban several people from campus following September 29 incident.
CONWAY, AR - The UCA Police Department is investigating after a student is targeted by collectors of an alleged debt of $7 million.

According to an incident report filed September 29, a student who is a native of China was visited by three non-students who are also Chinese, who were looking for his father (who lives in China).

The 18-year-old student, who lives on campus, told police that the two women and one man (who police later found out live in New York) came to Conway to talk to him about the debt. He said they wanted him to sign a letter saying he would be responsible for paying back the money owed by his father and threatened to kill him if he didn't sign. He said they also defaced his passport.

UCA Police cite the language barrier as a big problem in determining exactly what the matter involved. Through an interpreter they discovered it involved a lawsuit.

While interviewing one of the women UCA Police say she acknowledged coming to Arkansas to find the student so that she could try to find his father, who allegedly owes her family a significant amount of money. However, she denied threatening the student and damaging his property.

UCA Police advised the three non-students that they had no business on campus trying to collect debts that the student does not owe. They were warned in writing that if they returned to campus they could be arrested for criminal trespass. All three told officers they understood not to be back on campus or to have any further contact with the student.
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