Uncommon Allies Out of Common Foes

Uncommon Allies Out of Common Foes

We've all heard the stereotype that the mail-carriers and dogs don't really get a long. Here's a story on a very unlikely pairing of two usually common foes.
ARKADELPHIA, AR - In the rain, sleet, snow and yes the cold weather in May the mail will still arrive in your box.

Ironically, the person that puts it there often remains the one person "man's best friend" does not take too kindly to.

Despite all that, the mail still comes.

About the same time most afternoons, in one particular Arkadelphia neighborhood, with the deliveries you get a package deal.

It never fails, as soon as Linda the mail carrier comes over the hill, Daisy the Dog is right there to meet her.

For about 30 minutes a day, either walking or driving, Linda has the four legged friend by her side.

"That's the first time I've seen that," a neighbor, Robert Espinoza said. "Something you don't see every day at every community or neighborhood."

Another neighbor, Jerry Hull added, "The dog is a really loving dog."

Linda has walked this same route for four years with daisy by her side nearly every day. The thing about it though, Linda has a rotating schedule, so when there's no Linda, there's no Daisy.

"Oh no she'll bark, growl," explained Daisy's owner about when another mail-carrier comes. "The hair stands up on her back."

The proud owners of Daisy, Neal Nelson and his family aren't sure what it is.

The Nelson's have had Daisy for seven years.

With Linda, and only Linda, Daisy follows along.

The dog really is as normal as they come, except of course for having a mail carrier as one of its best friends.

We could all agree, it can set a pretty high standard of acceptance for the rest of us.

"Linda had a partner and Daisy had a partner," remarked Nelson.

It's a most uncommon friendship, common in this Arkadelphia neighborhood.
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