Unexplained Injuries Cause Dog Owner Concern About Vet

A North Little Rock dog owner posted pictures on Facebook of her dog's injuries after a routine vet visit causes a stir with the veterinarian insisting his office isn't to blame.
A North Little Rock dog owner posted pictures on Facebook of her dog's injuries after a routine vet visit caused a stir with the veterinarian insisting his office isn't to blame.

The past few days haven't been a walk in the park for dog owner Rebecca Stroud.

"No animal deserves to go through what my dog went through," she said.

On Friday, Stroud had taken Rascal to Animal Hospital and Clinic of Sherwood. Ironically, she shot a cell phone video, teasingly saying, "We're here at Rascal's favorite place -- the doctor. Psyche!"

According to Stroud, a vet visit for shots left her dog Rascal bleeding and bruised with a bulging eye socket.

"He was hurt, and I don't want it to happen to another animal," she said.

According to Stroud, while Rascal was getting his nails clipped he began to yelp, to the point that her younger cousin asked to leave the room.

"Rascal got so scared I guess he started peeing and using the restroom all over himself. And that's when I stood up and asked if everything was okay. He's never done that before. He's barked when he's gotten his nails clipped, but something else was going on."

Dr. Lance Bogoslavsky took Rascal out of the room to clean up. When he returned with the dog 10 minutes later, Stroud was stunned.

"Rascal had blood all over his face and nose area," she said. "I looked down and that's when I noticed his eye. I asked what's wrong with his eye and why is it like that."

According to Stroud she received no real explanation from the doctor.
"He said that he honestly didn't know, but if it didn't stop bleeding it was because of ticks," she said. "Rascal's an inside dog, he's never had a tick. And that doesn't explain the eye nearly coming out of its socket."

Stroud said the doctor then instructed her to pay her bill, which she did. Stroud took Rascal to another clinic for a second opinion.

"When we got to her office, before I could even tell her what had happened, she asked who or what had hit him," Stroud said. "She said that something had to have happened because it looked like blunt force to the head."

Dr. Bogoslavsky initially told us by phone that Rascal suffered from a nosebleed, but that he wasn't sure why. He also couldn't explain any of the other injuries.

"No one intentionally hurt the dog," he had said by phone. "If the dog was hurt it was not deliberate." 

Fox16 also spoke with him at his office on camera. 

"She was in the room the entire time, aside from when we took him to clean him up," Bogoslavsky said. "It was a stunning situation. I was taken aback because it was bizarre."

Bogoslavsky said he could not discuss the specific details of the incident because police were investigating. When we asked him why police were involved, he said he had to call them because of threatening calls and emails he had received in response to Stroud's Facebook page: Rascal's Story.

But Bogoslavsky insists the animal wasn't harmed by him or his staff.

"We would never intentionally harm a pet that's not what we're here for. If that was happening we wouldn't have stayed in business for 25 years," he said.

Stroud tells us she will continue to try and hunt down answers for her four-legged friend. 

"All I want is an explanation of what went on in the room," she said.

Rascal is on a steroid treatment for his injuries, and according to Stroud he's making a strong recovery.
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