Update: 12 Dead, Including Gunman, in DC Navy Yard Shooting

Update: 12 Dead, Including Gunman, in DC Navy Yard Shooting

FOX News reports two more potential gunmen could still be on the loose.
WASHINGTON, DC -- One suspect is dead and there are "potentially" two others on the loose after a shooting at the washington navy yard Monday morning, according to DC police chief Cathy Lanier.

She says "multiple" people are dead inside the naval sea systems command headquarters building, but she couldn't confirm how many.

FOX News reports 12 are dead, including one gunman, but that two other possible gunmen may still be at large.

Doctors are treating the injured.

"We currently at our trauma bay have received three gunshot victims. We are in the process right now of caring for them. One is in the operating room already. Another will be going to the operating room shortly. We have been in discussions with individuals who are on the scene. We understand that there are still more victims and we are not sure as yet how many individuals will be coming to our hospital," Dr. Janis Orlowski, Chief Medical Officer with Medstar Washington Hospital Center said.

A spokesman for the DC metro police says two law enforcement officers are among those hurt.

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