Volunteers clean up Shannon Hills

Volunteers clean up Shannon Hills

Saturday, volunteers helped neighbors clean up in Shannon Hills after the Christmas storm.
 (courtesy Adrean Stinnett)
(courtesy Adrean Stinnett)
 (courtesy Adrean Stinnett)
(courtesy Adrean Stinnett)
Saturday, volunteers in Shannon Hills helped clean up from the Christmas storm.

The outreach group Healing Waters organized a massive city-wide event to get tree branches off of homes and onto the curb for the City to pick up.

"We're trying to get the community together to help the community," says Pastor Robert Holt. "A lot of times we always depend on money to take care of things when really what's needed is people."

People showed up with gloves and chainsaws to help neighbors like Deborah Knowles.

"My backyard looks like a war zone," says Knowles. "If they weren't here to help us, it wouldn't get done."

She can't do a lot of lifting, so without the help of the outreach group Healing Waters, the 15 limbs that fell on her home would have just stayed there.

"My husband and I both tried to lift some of those limbs just so we could get to the littler limbs, and it was just impossible," says Knowles.

Holt grew a little concerned when only six volunteers signed up for the service project, but then people just started showing up, at least 22, including many young people.

"Also, we have youth out here working, which is great to see, from the community and get them involved in giving back because it's all about love," says Holt.

"Young people are actually out here to care to bring the community together so we can do more activities together, and hopefully to get more people out here to volunteer," says volunteer Toni Cash.

After volunteers took the branches off of the houses and out of the yards, the city took the limbs to a massive pile.

"The community has really stepped up here. We have four public works employees and we try and take care of the whole city, and it's been a blessing to us," says Rickey Trotter.

And, a blessing to neighbors like Anowles who needed the help.

"I think it's wonderful. I really do. I wish there were more people like this," says Knowles.

Tree removal programs are different in every city, so be sure to call to find out if crews will pick up your debris if you put it on your curb.
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