Woman Needs Your Help Finding Foster Mom

Woman Needs Your Help Finding Foster Mom

A woman searching for her foster mom just wants to say thanks.
LITTLE ROCK- A woman searching for her foster mom just wants to say thanks.

Katina Robinson is having a major milestone birthday this year, and instead of a celebration for herself, she's throwing a bash to honor others. 40 people who have made a difference in her life for her 40th birthday.

As Robinson reflects on the most important people in her life, she knows how far she's come. "I'm constantly looking at pictures of my friends and family and they remind me. Just looking at my children's faces, just looking at the joy in my husbands eyes, it just makes life wonderful."

Robinson remembers a time when life wasn't so rosy. "I don't remember all details because that was such a hard time in my life that a lot of stuff I blocked out."

She has a picture of herself at age 12 when the Department of Human Services removed her from her home.
"Placed us in a foster home, and then another foster home, and then another foster home, and finally the last place was a group home." A place called Stepping Stone, now Methodist Children's Home. She remembers the name of her foster mom, Michelle. "Michelle was such a loving, caring, sweet person. Even though we were in a negative situation because all of us would have rather been with our family, she made it so nice to be in a family environment."

Robinson turns 40 this year and in lieu of gifts she wants to pay tribute to 40 others. "Michelle has to be there. She's the one person that's missing. I have everybody that I have invitations for, for the 40 people I'm paying  tribute to. Everybody has their invitations except for Michelle."

Robinson can't remember her last name, and says she's exhausted all resources trying to find her. "I went to my school to get my records but Michelle's name wasn't on it, just the name of the facility and the people who owned it at the time."

She hopes someone will recognize her, or remembers the group home, or maybe even her foster mom Michelle is out there. "She's going to see the picture and remember back and say I remember that little girl. I'll do whatever it takes. I just want to find her."

Robinson isn't giving up. She 40th birthday tribute bash is Saturday, June 1st. She says she knows there's someone out there who can help her fill the final piece of the puzzle.

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