Zack Towers Continues Recovery, Begins Communicating with Family

Zack Towers Continues Recovery, Begins Communicating with Family

Towers collapsed during a football game five months ago and had been in a coma. Now, his family shows Fox16 the progress he's made and why they have hope.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - "What do you think Zacky Zack? " his mom asks, approaching his bed inside her Little Rock home.

The seconds of Zack Towers' life in recovery have ticked by turning into months.

"We were told three times by doctors he wasn't going to make it. He wasn't going to live," Zack's father Jim Towers said.

But Zack has pulled through after he collapsed during a Star City High School Football game on November 1. According to his family, he had suffered a head injury earlier in the year but had been cleared to play. He felt fine, until he was struck with a seizure during a huddle between plays.

It left him in a coma.

"You know that it could happen," mom Christy Rasico said. "But you just never think that it will."

"We're leaving it up to the good Lord to do the real healing," Jim added. "This has been God's story all along."

Zack's grey cat stands silent guard at the foot of his bed as his parents and nurses pose questions about the books they've been reading or the music he hears through his headphones.

"We think about the way he was, and we want him back," Christy said. "I get through it by thinking about it like I did when he was an infant. You know they'll walk, talk, and feed themselves, but they just can't at this point."

Three weeks ago, his family came one step closer to Zack's return.

"We asked him some questions. We asked him to show us one finger for yes and five fingers for no," Jim said. "And he responded. It is amazing to see where he is now, versus where we were in November."

"He's making that real clear, yes," Christy laughs as she holds Zack's hand and his index finger shoots up. "Yes, one. We said we weren't going to bother you any more today."

"It's just another way God is showing us that he does have this, he's still in control," Jim said. "This has been a chain of prayers since the night it happened. So many people have been hitting the send button on messages to God. That's the only way to explain it."

You might call Zack a living miracle. During a neurology exam on Tuesday, his doctor couldn't provide his family a prognosis for the future, because he's never seen anyone in Zack's condition survive past a few hours.

"He's done many things they never thought possible. Divine intervention is the only answer," Jim said.

"We've been reading to him, and they had finished the first Hunger Games book," Christy said. "When his nurse asked him if he enjoyed it he told her, through our system, that he didn't enjoy it. We couldn't help but laugh, because that's just who he is. He doesn't sugarcoat anything. If he doesn't like it, he'll tell you."

Nurses take care of Zack's medical needs, staying with him at least four days out of the week. His nurse Jackie, one of his biggest champions. She actually began the rehab therapy of counting and responding to questions.

"She has tremendous patience with him," Christy said. "We wanted her to talk to you guys, but she said she wanted to wait, because she believes one day Zack will be able to to sit on the couch and talk to you about it himself."

People across the country and even across the globe have followed Zack's progress through the "Prayers for Zack Towers" Facebook page.

"I don't even have a grasp on how big God has made this situation," Jim said. "I just know that in a seven day span last month the page had more than 108,000 views. To me, that's just tremendous to know people have gravitated to Zack and continue to stick by him."

"People leave thoughts or messages to Zack on the page," his mother added. "His nurse will read those to him, and he just smiles. It's nice to see him smile. He seems happy and content."

Zack's parents believe prayer and patience have been the biggest force behind Zack's progress.

"We just want to ask people to continue to pray. He's still got a long way to go, and it's a total faith thing, but I know it makes a difference," Jim added.

While it may not be tomorrow, Jim and Christy know the day will come when Zack Towers will be able to tell his own story.

"It's all on God's timing. We wish we could fast forward. But we can't. So we'll continue to take care of him, love him, and wait for the next day," Jim Towers said.

Zack is no longer medically considered to be in a comatose state, because he is responding to questions and stimulation.

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