150+ Same-Sex Couples Get Married in Pulaski County Monday

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Many same-sex couples have waited years to be married in Arkansas and in Pulaski County Monday more than 150 made their marriages official. 

The Pulaski County Clerk's Office had to make quick work to accommodate the same-sex couples.

As soon as the county had some idea that there was a possibility the ban on same-sex marriage in Arkansas would be struck down they started working to make those preparations.

It was a very busy day for the County Clerk's Marriage License Division as they welcomed hundreds of couples all waiting in line for their marriage license application. 

177 applications were processed. There were a handful of "bride and groom" applications but the rest were same-sex.

The emotion in the air at the Clerk's office was contagious even for the County Clerk himself.

"I've choked up," said County Clerk Larry Crane. "This is a very big day for a lot of my friends and for people that I care about."

Crane says Monday will be their busiest day ever.

Last week, for example, they certified 80 marriages and that was considered a heavy load.

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