18-Year-Old Passenger Killed in "Hill Jump" Accident, Driver Charged with Manslaughter

ALEXANDER, AR - A Saline County mother is preparing to bury her 18-year-old son. A wreck killed the teen when the pickup truck he was riding in flipped early Monday (8/4) morning.

The one car accident took the life of Tylor Wright.

Tylor had just celebrated his 18th birthday Friday.

With a box of tissues beside her on her couch inside her Benton home, Misty Wright, Tylor's mother, clutches a picture of him and her at his Benton High School graduation this year.

She shared how excited her son was to start a new job.

She shared how he was a friend to anyone, willing to always help.

She also shared though, that Tylor wasn't afraid of anything and may have been right next to the driver that night, excited to be in the truck about to jump a hill.

The accident wiped away nearly the entire passenger side of the F-150 at about 2:12 a.m. Monday.

Now, the night before her son's funeral, Misty wipes away her tears.

"Just trying to deal with the loss of my baby," she cried. "Tylor was just the best kid."

Her son's picture sits amongst a wreath on the tree the truck slid into alongside Midland Road in Saline County.

According to a Saline County Arrest Report "[the driver] was ramping hills on Midland Rd. Sadler ramped the hill at Midland and Lana and lost control. He slid approximately 410 ft and hit a tree killing the victim."

The driver of the truck was a friend of Tylor's, Charles Kyle Sadler, 18.

Sadler was arrested that morning for manslaughter.

Tire tracks on the hill mark the deadly path taken by Sadler with Tylor and another passenger inside.

According the crash report filed by Saline County Deputies, there was another teen riding in the bed of the truck moments before the accident.

He provided a statement to Deputies saying he knew what was about to happen when Sadler made a right turn toward the hill. He stated he knew what Sadler was going to try and do because the group had talked about it earlier in the day.

He started beating on the truck window for Sadler to let him out. He says after getting out of the bed of the truck, Sadler, Tylor and the other passenger took off very quickly, jumping the hill and landing sideways.

Lt. Scott Courtney with the Saline County Sheriff's Office says it was a horrible accident.

He said, "When you mix speed, any time, you're tires leave the roadway you lose control of the vehicle and you can't predict what's going to happen."

Sadler bonded out of jail Monday and has yet to officially be charged.

There was a mandatory blood test done on the driver as a result of a fatal accident. Investigators are waiting on those results but as of right now the Sheriff's Office does not believe alcohol played a factor.

If that's the case, Tylor's mother says accidents happen and no one should be affected with a charge like manslaughter.

"Why ruin another kid's life? Misty asked. "Another parents' life? Another family? Maybe he'll [Sadler] learn from this."

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