26 Arkansas Schools on Academic Distressed List, 6 in LRSD

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The State Board of Education officially releases it's list of distressed schools.

Six of them, in the Little Rock School District.

On Thursday the Arkansas Board of Education announced 26 as academically distressed in Little Rock and surrounding districts.

This title given after more than half of their students performed poorly on the state's Benchmark exams.

Because of this parents who have students that attend those failing schools will have the option to send their students somewhere else.

"We have been working on it hard but we still have a long way to go. We realize that and we are going to buckle up our boots and go to work," says Dennis Glasgow.

The Little Rock School District says over the past few weeks it has been having training sessions with teachers and staff as a part of it's Priority Improvement Plan required under the Academic Distress Rule.

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