3 Shot After Man Jumps Out of Trunk Wielding Gun

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A quiet Easter morning turned violent at a mobile home off Metsy Lane in southeast Pulaski County.

Delana Head says her son, Gary Carter, and his girlfriend, Jessica Upchurch, went to their car just before 9:00am.

That's when, she says, a "guy popped out of the trunk of the car."

Witnesses say the man was Upchurch's ex-boyfriend, Jason Vance.  He had a gun and was wearing a bullet proof vest, the witnesses said.

"From what I was told, this is the guy that was stalking my son's girlfriend," Head said.  "She had an order protection on him."

Witnesses say Vance fired first and the couple ran back in the mobil home.  Witness say Vance then kicked down the door and shot again.  That's when Upchurch got a gun and she opened fire.

"All at once this guy just grabbed our door handle and slammed the door open with a gun in his hand," said Joanne Thompson who lives in the trailer next door.  She says Vance knocked on her door and was bleeding from his leg.

"I didn't know if he could've maybe shot us and killed us or what," Thompson said.

Thompson called 911 and when emergency responders showed up to the scene they found Upchurch and Vance shot in the leg.  Carter was shot in the hand.

"It's just shocking," Head said.

Injuries to the couple, Carter and Upchurch, are not life threatening.  Vance got the worst of it, and at last check he was listed in serious condition at the hospital.
He faces two charges of first-degree battery, but deputies say they expect more charges are coming.

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