911 Calls Released from February Conway Walmart Shooting

UPDATE: We have learned from the injured victim's husband that she has been released from the hospital and has limited mobility in her right foot.

CONWAY, AR - FOX16 News has obtained the 911 calls* from the Feb. 1 shooting inside the Walmart store on Skyline Drive.

The shots left one woman critically injured.

Dozens of people reached for their cell phones when they heard the gunshots inside the store.

Each one of the callers offers a different glimpse into that terrifying night.  

"Somebody got shot....like gunfires going everywhere," reported one caller. 

Another told dispatchers this: "My husband and I were in line checking out and he came up behind us and started shooting this lady, and he shot 5 times maybe, I don't know, and we all hid, but the man out here is saying the lady needs help she's been shot."

The calls were made to the Conway Police Department and the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office.

The magnitude of calls could be heard through the phone lines and it sounded like every operator on that Sunday night was taking calls from the scene. 

A suspect was arrested in the case the next day and is awaiting trial.

*audio attached to this story

Transcript of some of the calls:

Caller: I'm at Highway 65 Walmart and there's been shots in Walmart.
Dispatch: Okay, how many shots have you heard?
Caller: Like 5 or 6 and I'm in a closet. I'm not even going out there to look.

Dispatch: Conway 911 where's your emergency?
Caller: It sounds like there's been some shots fired in the Conway Walmart on Highway 65.
Dispatch: Do you know if anyone has been hit?
Caller: I don't know, I'm hunkering down, I'm hiding.
Dispatch: Are you outside or inside?
Caller: We are inside under the counter.

Caller: Yeah, he shot a lady.
Dispatch: Calm down.
Caller: A man said he left the store. I don't know if he left the store. We are under one of the registers. Please hurry.

Caller: Yes, we need an ambulance. He shot someone. He shot them several times. 

Caller: I'm scared to get up. I don't know if he's gone.

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