A Unique Type of Volunteering in Vilonia

VILONIA, AR - Volunteers from all over are driving in to Vilonia to help clean up. While those volunteers are picking up the pieces, Rochelle Stuart is cranking up her generator.

"It's worse on the chain saws when its been through a tornado because there is more dirt and stuff on them and that dulls the chains quicker," says Stuart.

Rochelle is with the Ozark Samartin Ministries. Her group comes in and sharpens chain saws.

Not your typical donation but one they started after their town Fox, Arkansas, got hit by a tornado back in 2008.

"We know what it's like and this ministry came from that," says Stuart.

Volunteers say with thousands of trees down such a simple service can make all the difference the in clean up process.

"You can hear the noise behind us with all the saws after a couple hours of running they are dull and she had that sharpened in five minutes and it was just wonderful. I am so thankful that she could do that and it will make a huge difference in how fast we can clean up," says Tony Heykoop.

A simple service that Rochelle hopes will help sharpen the speed of Vilonia's recovery process.

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