ABC Director Discusses Possible Impact of Statewide Alcohol Sales

- LITTLE ROCK, AR-- The the second time, the attorney general's office is reviewing language for a proposed ballot title that would allow voters turn the entire state of Arkansas wet.

The statewide alcohol sales issue is back before the AG as supporters plan to petition to get on the November ballot. The head of the alcohol and beverage control says the wet/dry debate has changed drastically over the last decade.

"Very much a discussion about principles, beliefs, a quality of life and people on both sides were local, now people pushing to get into wet areas are not local, it is a national corporation or international corporation," says ABC Director Michael Langley.

Langley says if passed the state would benefit greatly from the added jobs and tax dollars. He adds there would be plenty of opposition from people who feel it should remain a local issue. The AG has ten days to review the proposed ballot title .

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