ADH Says Crooks Posing As Health Department Inspectors

SHERWOOD, AR -- As soon as the man walked through the door, Larry Gordon, a butcher at Floyd's Seafood and Meats, knew something wasn't right .

"All the health inspectors, they wear a badge that goes around their neck and hangs down and he didn't have one," Gordon said.

The man said he was with the health department and he was there to do an inspection.

"He had a magnetic placard on the side of his car that had ADH on the side," Gordon said.

The man was adamant but Gordon wouldn't budge.

"I said, 'well, you're not coming in the store until you show me your credentials,'" he said.

"It's a reoccurring scam," says Sherri Woodus with the Arkansas Department of Health.

The agency is warning business owners that people pretending to be health inspectors are making them a target by trying to "get the establishments to pay for or purchase materials or items that they are scamming them to get."

A handful of complaints have come in over the last week.  Lucky for Gordon, he's been around long enough to catch the scam.  But the health department says there's no telling how many have fallen victim.

"We have a lot of businesses out here that don't know any better," Gordon said.

The health department says restaurant operators should know all health department inspectors will be wearing a badge with their picture on it.  He says operators should not hesitate to call over and verify the person standing in front of them is actually a health department employee.  

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