After Attack on Neighbors, LR K-9 to Return to Duty

SHERWOOD, AR -- Police dogs must know when to attack but also when not to.

It's that kind of discipline Criss Gardner teaches at Von Klein Stein Working Dogs in Sherwood.

We came here after hearing concerns about a Dutch Shepard named Ammo working for Little Rock Police.

The department says Ammo will return to work Sunday, less than two weeks after escaping his pen and attacking two neighbors.

Norman Beth who received ten stitches as a result of being bitten says his attorneys have filed a lawsuit seeking damages from the police department.

"If you had a dog that was unpredictable or uncomfortable around people you would probably have to limit his workability," Gardner said.

August 4th wasn't the first time Ammo went after the wrong person.  In 2012, shortly after joining the force, he bit an officer at the scene of a standoff.

"The dog is a tool," Gardner said.  "Dogs make mistakes."

Gardner didn't train Ammo and has limited knowledge of the two incidents.  But, he says, putting the dog back on the streets could be a liability.

At the house where Ammo lives with his handler in Saline County, Little Rock Police say changes have been made to his pen to make sure he doesn't escape again.  Meanwhile, police say he'll be monitored closely while working.

Still, some residents in the neighborhood remain fearful and say they believe Ammo should be retired.

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