Alcohol to be Allowed on UCA Campus?

CONWAY, AR - A new Greek Village coming to the University of Central Arkansas campus has questions being raised about whether alcohol will be allowed on the premises

Heavy machinery is hard at work on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) preparing for its newest addition, the Greek Village.

"We will have five sorority houses that will be under construction very shortly along with the first phase of a community center that will house four nph sororities so it has created quite a buzz on campus," says UCA President Tom Courtway.

Part of the buzz, whether alcohol will or will not be allowed in the new greek housing. Currently booze is not allowed at any university owned housing. But President Courtway says this isn't the first time the issue has been brought up.

"It has come up from time to time in years past where there is at least discussion by various groups on the campus but nothing has ever gone to the board of trustees," says Courtway.

And when it comes to Greek Life, sororities and fraternities have different do's and don'ts.

Panhellenic President Jordan Frederking says she believes more of the push is coming from the fraternities.

"I think it could be targeted more towards fraternities, I know IFC has a whole different set of rules regarding their fraternities and their housing. It's possible that they will allow it," says Frederking.

But even with a new building President Courtway says for now the old rules will stand.

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