Animal Rescue Volunteers Call Morrilton City Pound A Mess

MORRILTON, AR -- Members of an animal rescue group say they're disgusted by the conditions inside the Morrilton Animal Control facility.

The underlying issue seems to be overcrowding.

There's a huge problem with animal dumping in the city of Morrilton and that's causing the backup at the pound.

Photos we received from inside the pound on Thursday and Friday show large piles of feces and several dogs packed into cages. 

The city used to euthanize dogs after two weeks but the mayor agreed to stop that process and work with a rescue organization to save the animals.

That group picks up the dogs and places them in homes.

But this week, volunteers say no one called to tell them the shelter was full.

So instead of the usual ten dogs or so, there are 27 in the facility right now.

Animal rescue volunteer Clarissa Riedmueller said, "I did not know there was this many in the pound. I come in Friday and see this and I'm like oh my gosh it just floored me because nobody told me."

Mayor Stewart Nelson fired back saying, "Asking me to keep the animals and then complaining because I kept the animals, I'm not particularly happy about."

Mayor Nelson says the animal control officer or members of the Morrilton police department clean out the cages once a day.

But volunteers say pictures prove that's not always the case and they're hoping to remove the dogs from the pound soon.

When we toured the facility today, it was crowded but appeared to be clean.

Both sides agreed people need to spay and neuter their pets.

If that happens, Mayor Nelson says you wouldn't see this huge issue of overcrowding.

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