Ark. Community Correction Offers One-Time Amnesty

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Arkansas Community Correction says more than 2,200 are on parole but not under supervision.

Between now and March 31, the state is allowing any parolee who has failed to report to come in and not pay any fees.
The offer only extends to a parolee who has no new criminal charges and aside from failing to report, is in good standing.

"If we jerk them up by the nape of the neck, bring them in for doing one thing wrong, which wasn't reporting, then what we've done is cause them to lose contact with their family, they've lost their job, and now the tax-payers are paying $60 a day for them to be locked up," Dina Tyler says.
Arkansas Community Correction says the effort is designed to get as many parolees under supervision as possible without further crowding county jails and state prisons.

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