Arkansas Dream Center Taking Over Organizing Volunteers for Rubicon

FALUKNER COUNTY, AR - From thousands volunteering the weekend after the April 27 storm in Faulkner County, to just dozens late in April, volunteer relief numbers could be going back up.

Last week The Arkansas Dream Center took over organizing volunteers for Team Rubicon.

Executive Director, Drew Davis, said there was a decline, "The fatigue set in, I mean, it's obvious."

At its lowest, the volunteers numbers hit seven, according to Team Rubicon. Last weekend The Dream Center reported 120 volunteers and for the first full weekend in June, more than 200 are scheduled to visit Faulkner County to lend an helping hand.

Davis said the need is still high, "Just today we had two phone calls of properties that have not been touched by anyone. And those are properties that are going to need hundreds of bodies for multiple days."

As for the reasons why volunteer numbers are going up again, it could have something to do with the shift from Team Rubicon to The Dream Center and a new sphere of influence.

Davis said, "So leveraging those relationships, and leveraging the influence in those churches and in those businesses to say 'hey who do I know, who do I know who can bring a group here, who do I know that knows somebody who can provide materials."

He said the time of year is also a contributing factor, "I think the truth of the matter is the school effect. Students are starting to get out of school, youth groups are organizing trips."

While those numbers look good, The Dream Center reports more than 90% are volunteers from out of state.

"I'd really love to see more Arkansans hopping in here, because it's their neighbors. I mean we are the ones that are going to be here when it is all said and done, in the years to come."

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