Attorneys For Same-Sex Couples Ask For Dismissal of Appeal

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - Attorneys representing same-sex couples filed a motion to dismiss an appeal from the state late Tuesday.

More than seventy same-sex couples received marriage licenses in Pulaski County on Tuesday, amid an uncertain legal standing going forward.

Samantha Head and Samantha Kertz drove to the courthouse in Little Rock from suburban Jacksonville.

"There's a lot of people that are kind of confused," Head says.  "Is it still possible, did they change their mind, did they issue a stay?"

Meanwhile, legal counsel for same-sex couples also filed a response to the state's motion for a stay in the case.

If a stay is granted by the Arkansas Supreme Court, no additional marriage licenses could be granted to same-sex couples.

Attorney Jack Wagoner said in a ten-page brief that the state has not shown a valid reason for the supreme court to issue a stay.

"Appellants contend that a stay should be issued "to avoid confusion and uncertainty about the effect of the Circuit Court's order on Arkansas marriage law." That argument has no merit," the pleading says. "In contrast, the harms to Plaintiff's if the May 9 Order is stayed are immediate, real, continuing, undisputed, and irreparable."

Head and Kertz say no matter what happens going forward, they are happy today.

"At least i can tell my family that I stood in a courthouse, I signed a paper, I'm legally bound to this woman for the rest of my life," Head says.

The Arkansas Supreme Court typically issues rulings in cases on Thursday mornings, but with a request for an emergency stay, a decision could come at any time.

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