Beebe Man: Upcoming Highway Project Will Jeopardize Safety

BEEBE, AR -- The Arkansas Highway Department believes making Highway 64 west of Beebe five lanes will make things flow smoother in that area.

However, that portion of the highway already curves close to three propane tanks holding thousands of gallons of flammable gas.

"Years I had been told the road would go away to the inside," said Roberts. "I just could hardly believe when I saw the lines drawn how close it would be to those tanks."

The propane tanks warn of the possible effects tampering with them could cause.

A chain link fence and concrete barrier are the only thing keeping a car that's lost control from striking the tanks.

"Those might stop a compact SUV something like that," Richards said. "They're cosmetic, I have seen an 18-wheeler run off out there before."

Richards said something bigger would not be stopped.

The highway department told us there are similar flammable materials located near roadways, for example, outside Russellville, with no incidents reported.

Richards said it's just a matter of time.

"Going to be, at some point," he said. "A disaster."

The project is slated to be complete sometime within the next three years.

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