Body Found near Arkansas River in Scott Identified

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A body found on a bank of the Arkansas River near Scott on Thursday night has been identified.

The body has been confirmed as Malvine Lee, according to the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office (PCSO).

"To be able to give the family some closure is a great thing.  I mean it is a sad circumstance, but at least the wondering part is not there anymore," said Lt. Carl Minden from the Sheriff's office.

Lee, 38, of Little Rock, had been reported missing in December after his car was found abandoned on the I-440 bridge.

The initial Sheriff's Office reports indicated that Lee jumped from the bridge. The PCSO's Water Patrol Unit had searched the water for him several times since his disappearance.

"Its been three long months," explained Malvine's sister, Pamela Lee.

"So we knew after a month that he was gone, but we just had to find him to give him a decent burial."
"I mean I've got to be strong for my mother and my father," added Pamela.

Lee's family never really believed the indication of him jumping from the bridge.  

"He always called, he always talked to my son, he always called and talked to his nieces and nephews," said Pamela.

This sister still has questions, "It's closure at some point, until an autopsy is done."

When asked if she believes foul play was a factor, Pamela answered, "Yes."

As for who may have done this, or why it happened, those questions will be put on hold as this family says their final goodbyes. 

"I still want to see him, even if its nothing but bones," explained Pamela.

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