Bus Drivers Sue School District Over Paycheck Deductions

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Five bus drivers from the Pulaski County Special School District have filed a lawsuit against the Superintendent of the Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD), the Commissioner of the Arkansas Department of Education, and the Pulaski Association of Support Staff (PASS).

According to the drivers, the district continues to deduct union dues from their paychecks even though the PASS union is not recognized by the district.

Joseph Howard is a driver listed on the suit, he said, "Well they are taking my money, I wanted my union dues quit and they wouldn't quit it."

Cynfranesia Jackson is also named in the suit, she added, "I mean why are they taking it we don't know."

Howard said, "They're not representing us anymore, they can't represent us, they can't even come on the property, so why should they take our money."

The drivers have $15 dollars a pay check deducted for union dues, which comes to about $30 a month.

PCSSD Superintendent Dr. Jerry guess told us the job of the PASS union is now being done by a personnel policy committee, but that PASS union dues are still be deducting. 

He said the district has supplied the paperwork for drivers to remove themselves from the PASS union, "We've given them a framework to do that but I suspect again that they have requested that PASS acknowledge their request, that request is falling on deaf ears, so they've taken matters to the next level."

Jackson said the hope at the end of this suit really comes down to money, "That I can get my back pay back and they just quit taking the dues out."

See the above attachment for the letter PCSSD has supplied to drivers to quit the union, and the lawsuit filed against the district.

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