Camden Residents Picking up the Pieces After Thursday's Storm

LITTLE ROCK, AR - "This house here was hit harder than any of them."

Walking through his property on Chaffe Creek in Camden, George Hern is convinced a tornado did all this damage.

"Well it was a tornado," says Hern.

Trees twisted off at the top and the rest thrown into his home splitting the roof and crashing into the house

"It sounded like a big gun went off within eight feet of our bed. Of course that's where the tree hit."

He says it was all over within seconds.

"I looked out and could see nothing but trees."

It's much of the same around the entire city. George was just one of the many victims of property damage.

"Limbs are in the house it's like the house and everything inside it is pushed over four inches."

And while it may take days, weeks, or months to get things moving forward with no injuries people like George are happy to be alive and able to move in any direction at all.

"It's just life."

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