Candidates Discuss Jail Funding at Governors Forum

LITTLE ROCK, AR - "Three minutes per question gentlemen."

From county jail funding,

"I'm committed to try my best to help them find the money," said Democratic Candidate for Governor Mike Ross.

"I would support an increase of the reimbursement rate for our counties," said Republican Candidate for Governor Asa Hutchinson.

to criminal justice reform.

"We need to to work on changing behavior of those that we can change the behavior," said Hutchinson.

"We need tougher sentences but we also need smarter sentences," said Ross.

Asa Hutchinson and Mike Ross addressed Arkansas County leaders Friday on what they could do as governor to help them.

While the candidates agreed on 911 funding and allowing some special elections, Ross says Hutchinson does not know how to balance a budget.

"I don't think he understands this is not Washington, this is Arkansas. Money doesn't grow on trees, we don't print money we don't deficit spend here," said Ross.

"Well, we were getting along real well for while you know and the fact is Mike you have very little credibility about talking about a balanced budget," said Hutchinson.

The pair later exchanged jabs to reporters, Hutchinson questioning Ross' motivation for running.

"He has said that he is running to save the democratic party and that is about as partisan of a statement you can make," said Hutchinson.

"I've been talking 20 speeches a day for a year and a half, if you find where I said that then I probably did, if you don't then I probably didn't," said Ross.

The governor candidates will go head to head again at some point in the coming months.

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