Car Stolen Then Towed, Disabled LR Man Struggles Getting to Treatments

LITTLE ROCK, AR - It was nothing glamorous, a 1986 Oldsmobile, but John Davis and his son Lytrone Davis had worked for a year and spent $2,400 to get it running.

But after driving it for just one month, Lytrone peered out his bedroom window in south Little Rock on May 16 to find it gone.

"From my understanding, they found it the same day," Lytrone Davis said.

The problem is, the car was found by police in Searcy.

Lytrone says he didn't get a call for three to four days and by that time it was already at a tow yard. Getting it out would cost nearly $200, money neither father nor son say they had at the time.

"We didn't leave it abandoned, it was stolen," said John Davis.

Lytrone Davis suffers from kidney failure and was using the car to get to the hospital three times a week for dialysis treatment. Now he's struggling to find a consistent ride.

"The car has been stolen from us first, and, now, secondly it's being taken away from us," John Davis said.

With each passing day, getting it back is becoming more and more difficult.  It would now cost the father and son more than $700 to retrieve it..

Wednesday afternoon, Searcy Police said that after finding the car they would have called Little Rock Police to contact the owner before having it towed.

Lytrone Davis says that never happened. FOX16 reached out to LRPD to find out why, but we haven't heard back.

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