Cleanup Work in Brinkley After Flood Waters Go Down

- BRINKLEY, AR - It's taken weeks, but finally there's some relief from high water in Brinkley.

The small city flooded after heavy rain about three weeks ago.
Glynn Banks moved back into his Brinkley home a couple of days ago.

Low on funds, he couldn't afford to stay at a hotel anymore.

Banks said, "It was costing us $45 a day."

He's thankful, the water finally went down.

But the mess left behind is sticking around.

Water damaged Glynn's floors and furniture and created a moldy environment, which isn't good for someone with a heart condition.

He said, "Just pray that some help is coming, that's all we can do."

After nearly three weeks of waiting, Eugene McGahee quickly got his hands on some lawn equipment.

He spent all day, trying to clean up a wet yard.

Eugene said, "I like my yard to look half-way decent."

Although flood waters destroyed some of his favorite things, Eugene says his home beats anyplace else in the world.

He said, "Ain't nothing like home."

At this point, the governor hasn't declared Brinkley a disaster area, so people with flooded homes must rely on insurance, if they have it.

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