Community Members Continue Search for Fern

FERNDALE, AR -- People in the Pulaski County community of Ferndale still searching for a dog last seen with a water jug on its head.

A rescue group is leading the search for the dog now known as Fern.

Just recently, someone found what's believed to be the dog's collar.
So it's possible, Fern may have been able to get the jug off her head.

The pup was last spotted a month ago near the intersection of Kanis Road and Ferndale Cutoff.

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Department is investigating this incident as a possible case of animal abuse.

The water jug did have a hole on top of it, so Fern has been able to eat and drink.

People have spotted her, they just can't get close enough to catch her, because she's afraid.

There's a Facebook page supporting Fern, click here if you would like to follow it.

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