Community Mourns Loss of Bryant Hit and Run Victim

BRYANT, AR - A family is in shock along with a community and everyone involved as they try to process the death of a 20-year-old woman hit and killed when she was run over in a Target parking lot.

We know more about what led to the fatal accident and what police say the suspect told them after he continued to drive away from the scene.

Authorities say Heather Baker, 20, was on life-support following the accident Thursday (8/21) but she died Friday morning about 10:39 at Baptist Hospital.

It's a case that many of those involved, including the Bryant Police Department (BPD), have struggled with.

"Sadness," Bryant Police Sgt. Todd Crowson described the circumstances. "This one has really umm... This one's been tough."  

As the investigation continues, the case of Baker getting hit and killed in the Target parking lot has gripped the entire community.

Police say Baker was walking across the Bryant Target parking lot when a pickup truck going at least 35 mph hit, ran over and dragged her.

Marcus Dorsey, 39, the driver of the F-150 remains in Saline County Jail on a one-million dollar bond facing an upgraded charge of first degree murder.

Dorsey allegedly told investigators he saw the woman crossing the street and that she tried to get out of the way but he "gunned it." 

Police say he never stopped.

Dorsey allegedly told investigators he was on a combination of narcotic drugs and alcohol before hitting his victim.

A blood test was taken and an official toxicology report is pending.

Dorsey has a previous arrest by BPD as recently as Tuesday (8/19). 

It happened in the same apartment complex he was found in after the hit and run. According to a BPD report Dorsey was arrested for public intoxication. It says when authorities arrived for a welfare check Dorsey came out of his apartment, got on the ground and told officers to take him to jail because he was smoking "sherm."

While the investigation continues into what led to the accident, family, friends and the community has to continue grieving for the loss of Heather Baker.

"Certainly thoughts and prayers of the entire police department - this entire community - is with this family," Sgt. Crowson added. "This poor young girl, she was just getting out to go do some shopping and became a victim like this. ... It breaks your heart."

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