Community Searches for Dog with Jug Stuck on Head

FERNDALE, AR -- Groups of people are searching for a dog in Pulaski County with a water jug on its head.

The word is out on the streets and internet to be on the lookout for the dog whom people in the community are calling "Fern".

There's a hole on top of the jug and Lori Privitt, a dog rescuer, says the animal can eat and drink by using the jug to scoop up the food and water.

Privitt said, "Her instincts are going to keep her alive as long as she possibly can."

The intersection at Kanis Road and Ferndale Cut Off one of the first places people spotted the dog.

That's when posters started going up all over the community.

Fern sightings sprouted up throughout the Ferndale area the past month, but no one could catch her.

When someone got close the dog would take off.

No one has spotted her since August 4th.

People trying to rescue her got worried.

One concern is she could be hurt or the wrong person may have caught up with Fern.

In a Pulaski County Sheriff's Department incident report, a witness says he saw the person who put the jug on the dog's head.

Afterwards, when the person tried to catch the dog she took off running.

There will be an organized search for Fern tomorrow.

You can go to the intersection of Ferndale Cutoff and Kanis anytime on Saturday to help look for the dog.

For more information on the search and what to do if you spot the dog, click here.

No one's been arrested in this incident.

While detectives know who may have put the jug on the dog's head...they say it's difficult to prove it and prosecute that person.

The case is still under investigation.

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