Conviction vs. Arrests: Viral Video Prompts Questions

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The recent release of a video showing a daycare worker dragging a child across the floor has not only sparked controversy, but also plenty of questions. 

The video shows Keyuanna Coats pulling an 8-month-old boy by the ankles.  She was arrested and faces a felony charge of endangering the welfare of a minor, booked in the Saline County Jail and released.

According to the Bryant Daycare, a background check was done on Coats. She passed even though she had been arrested for battery.  The Department of Human Services says checks look at convictions not necessarily arrests. 

With that past, many people are asking if changes should be made.

"It kind of makes your stomach turn and as a dad, knowing if that was my child, it would be infuriating and it would truly be hard to control my own temper and anger," Representative Andy Mayberry said of the video.

Those emotions are quickly met with questions.

"I think it's a discussion we almost have to have," he said. "We as lawmakers should absolutely have to look at this issue on what do we flag, because our first priority needs to be protecting those who are the most innocent and weak and defenseless among us and that's those kids."

Jennifer Long, Executive Director at the Children's Protection Center agrees.

"I think it's our responsiblity to make sure that our people who work at our center, that work in our organizations, are safe to be around children that we are serving," she said.

Even in those discussions, both know you are still innocent until proven guilty.

"Keeping in mind that an arrest is not a conviction, that a person is not guilty just because they've been arrested," Long said.

Rep. Mayberry added, "An arrest by itself maybe shouldn't automatically preclude somebody from holding a position like that, but it needs to be a red flag where you can at least ask more question regarding that issue."

There are currently no plans to begin discussion about a change in the legislature. 

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