Conway Dad Stands on Street Corner Demanding Answer's to Son's Death

CONWAY, AR - At the same time this father is accusing a group of his son's friends of not doing everything they could to prevent an overdose death in their house. 

Ten weeks ago on May 11 in Conway Ken Ashley-Pauley's son, Josh, died from a drug overdose.

Having worked up the strength, Ken's taking to the streets to warn everyone about how it happened. He has Josh on his mind and a sign in his hand.

"I've got a goal," Ken explained. "I want to save your baby's life."

He's spreading his message on the corner of Donaghey and College, across from the house where he says it happened and is calling out those he says could have prevented his son's death.

The response from the public has been mixed. Some praise his actions while someone destroyed his sign.

"Ripped from my hands, torn up, thrown in the street... right over there," Ken pointed. "The police have had to be called twice."

On one side of the street there's an angry father. On the other is a group of friends he accuses of leaving Josh on a couch to die after allegedly taking large amounts of Zanex and cough syrup.

Ken says they even drew graphic images on his face and took a video of him passed out.

"I asked the boy that sent the video why would you do that?" Ken then shared the boy's response. "It's funny. It's what we do."

He goes on to say no one ever called 9-1-1 and didn't take Josh to the hospital a block away until he was already dead.

"That's not true," Joseph Schulte said. "The people here are just as upset about it as he is."

Friends of Josh's deny the claims. 

According to the hospital, when Josh arrived, the County Coroner wasn't called. This would mean he was still alive when he was brought in by his friends.

Ken questions why the hospital didn't call 9-1-1 either when his son was brought in. According to hospital administration police are only called if a crime has been committed.

Ken still filed a police report but the assisting officer wrote "at this point no criminal charges seem likely to be levied against any involved."

This angry father still says he'll remain at the street corner with his sign hoping to prevent other parents from suffering a similar loss.

"I wake up crying and I don't sleep. Every time I wake up or turn over I've got to start over and I don't want any of these people to go through this," Ken cried. "I don't want another mother going through what my wife's going through."

Now ken Ashley-Pauley steps outside his house -- he's on a mission

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