Couple To Marry At Site Of Tornado Damaged Home

SALTILLO, AR -- The devastation from Sunday's tornado has been horrific, but one couple decided to turn tragedy into a new beginning.

The couple's new life will start on a strong foundation that's proven it can weather any storm.

Randy Wright is picking up the pieces of what's left of his Saltillo home that was destroyed in Sunday's tornado.

He said, "I got really emotional and I've cried several times."

Randy's fiancé Angie Ryall was home alone when the tornado hit.

She grabbed the dogs and ran to a closet to wait out the storm.

When she walked out her home was gone.

Wright said, "I couldn't believe she lived. It's amazing."

Ryall said, "By the grace of God I'm still here and we have to celebrate."

The two planned to get married in Conway next week, but decided life's to short so they're tying the knot sooner...and doing it right at home.

Ryall said, "Yes it might be a stresser on our marriage, but I think it's going to be fine, it will be fine."

The couple says folks in the community donated cake and drinks and they're not stressed about planning because they say everything will just fall into place.

But, the guests should expect to get a little dirty.

Ryall said, "Wear your work clothes and we are going to work afterwards."

Out of everything they lost, Randy and Angie did salvage their wedding bands.

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