Crime Alert: NLR Car Break-ins

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - Car break-ins are on the rise in North Little Rock and police are urging the community to lock up.

16 break-ins in the Leevy Area and 19 in the Lakewood Parkhill Community all in the month of April.

The thieves aren't breaking windows they are simply opening the car doors and removing whatever they can find.

According to police it's a crime of opportunity that takes a matter of seconds. Now some North Little Rock residents are making adjustments so they don't become a victim.

"If anyone comes walking by I definitely don't want them to look in and see anything that is worth taking so I try to keep that hidden and keeping the interest of my car down."

Officers say it's important to register all your high dollar items with the police department.

So if your stuff is stolen they can match the serial number with your information and return your property.

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