Crime Alert: Pine Bluff Pawn Shop Burglary

PINE BLUFF, AR - A Pine Bluff pawn shop is trying to get help to find the people who broke into its store and stole rifles.

It happened last Monday at Pawn City at the corner of Harding and South Georgia.

Surveillance video shows five people break through the shop's front door and metal garage with axes and sledge hammers before grabbing three rifles.

This is the store's third burglary this year.

The store's manager said he's done everything to protect it including locks, chains and razor wire fences but criminals keep coming back.

"You can put bars on the window, you can put locks on the doors, it's not going to stop them. It's just going to slow them down. A lock is for an honest man. They can be your friend to your face all day long, but you don't know if they're actually trying to find the weak spot in the building and you never know," says Brad Tarter, Store Manager at Pawn City.

Pawn City is offering a $500 reward to anyone who can give them information that can lead to an arrest.

They also say they're installing safes to lock the guns in at the end of each day.

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