28 Murders in the Capital City, Group Seeks Governor Beebe's Help

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Stop the Violence is comparing the 28 homicides to recent years. In 2010 for example, there were the same amount all year.

They say something has to be done.

The group hand delivered the letter to the governor's office this morning. In the letter they write the violence and senseless murders in Little Rock are out of control.

Just six months into 2014 they site FBI crime data ranking the number one most dangerous mid-sized city in America. They call this an embarrassment to the city of Little Rock and to the state.

"Well, what I want to see happen is, I want the governor to release some special funds, maybe for even more police officers or for maybe the state police to come in to help us detour some of this crime. The police presence of course and then your crime rate will go down," says Avery Page.

The group asks Governor Beebe to help combat the escalating problem with a special task force to help the local law enforcement agencies to combat this issue.

According to the governor's office they received the letter this morning and they look to continue an already developing discussion into this matter and see what could be done.

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