Bryant Couple Attacked in Violent Home Invasion

BRYANT, AR - Police are investigating a home invasion that happened on Wednesday.

That's when officers say three robbers attacked a 74-year-old woman, holding her and her husband at gunpoint, while they tore through their Center St. home stealing anything they could. It's the second home invasion in one small neighborhood.

Police know the two cases aren't related. The last suspects have already had their day in court.

In this latest case though, the robbers are still on the loose. Witnesses who saw them get away say it was in a hurry.

"When they got in they took off," Donna Hames said, while smacking her hands together.

Hames watched on Wednesday afternoon as a group of what she called 'boys' ran around the corner of Laverne St. and got into a car.

Some witnesses say they had a weapon.

Hames shared, "Saw them holding a handgun as they were running."

Hames didn't know what was going on until she heard from police that her neighbor had just been attacked in a home invasion.

The Bryant Police Department (BPD) got the call around 4:40 p.m.

The victim says she let the three black males come into her home, thinking they were friends of her grandson.

One of the robbers however, hit her in the head with a gun.

Her husband happened to walk in moments later to a gun in his face.

According to BPD, the two were held in a back room.

"One of [the robbers] held them while the other two -- they just ransacked the house -- just looking for whatever they could find, whatever they could take," explained BPD spokesman Sgt. Todd Crowson.

The thieves got away with a handgun, a game system and some other items.

Sgt. Crowson says this is the second recent home invasion in that area.

June Dennis said, "I feel sorry for them, I really do. It's almost as if it happened to me again."

Dennis was tied to a chair inside her home by thieves in November.

Police say the cases are unrelated but still a concern.

"Especially in the same neighborhood. You don't like to see incidents like that happen," Sgt. Crowson remarked. 

Hames added, "I used to not be afraid, but I'm getting to where I'm paranoid to open my door now."

Police don't want people to be paranoid but their advice is to just make sure you know who's outside before you open or unlock that door.

The BPD urges you to call them at (501) 943-0943 if you happen to know anything.

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