Family Fears for Loved One if Husband is Released From Jail

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Ernesto Anaya, 58, has bonded out at $5,000. His court date has been set for June 25.

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LITTLE ROCK, AR - It has been a tough few days for the family of Evangelina Anaya. The 52-year-old is still in a local hospital trying to recover from a gunshot wound to the chest. 

Evangelina's sister Eustolia Gutierrez said, "She almost died."

"She can't breathe on her own, she has tubes."

According to the North Little Rock Police Department (NLRPD), Anaya was shot by her 58-year-old husband Ernesto. 

Gutierrez talked about their relationship, "She asked for a divorce and then shortly after asked for a restraining order."

Less than a day later, Gutierrez said Ernesto shot Evangelina.

"I don't know how he got in the house, and shot her."

The family has been told Ernesto might be released on bail Wednesday. 

Gutierrez says the family is scared for Evangelina, "Scared and afraid, just afraid that the court's not giving her justice."

"She's scared for her life to stay in the hospital by herself because she's afraid he's going to come finish her off."

If he doesn't try to see Evangelina, the family said he might try to flee to Mexico.

The family plans to be in the court room on Wednesday, supporting their sister who can't be there.

According to the NLRPD, Ernesto Anaya is facing domestic battery and a felony violation of an order of protection. 

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