Little Rock Mother of Gunned Down Teen Frustrated with Police


LITTLE ROCK, AR – A Little Rock mother is still searching for answers in her son’s murder.

14-year-old DeCree Thomas was shot and killed three years ago on July 26, 2011. His case remains unsolved.

Witnesses told police Thomas was seen talking to two men in a car that drove off before he was shot right outside of 1305 Booker Street. The house he was near was vacant.

According to police, Thomas was transported to Arkansas Children’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Thomas’s mother, Marie Flowers, told FOX 16’s Leah Uko her son was riding a bike when he was shot. She said Thomas was riding his friend’s bike and whoever shot Thomas thought he was his friend.

“It’s something that I deal with now on an every day basis. Every day,” Flowers said.

She said she was frustrated with the police and the detective on Thomas’s case.

“I don’t know anything about the case,” she continued. “I don’t know if they have any leads. No one never came for me from day one until now and just sit down and just talked to me about it.”

Flowers said she and her family were unable to grieve in peace knowing whoever killed her son was still on the streets—free.

“When you don’t have justice you just can’t begin to start trying to heal,” she said. “You learn how to deal with it, but you don’t heal from it. Might not never, ever heal, but it’s just—I just want justice.”

If still alive, Thomas would have been 17 years old and entering his senior year of high school.

We are waiting to hear from the Little Rock Police Department on this progress of this case. Stay with us for updates.

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