Mother Says Police Won't Arrest Man Guilty of North Little Rock Murder


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – Eight years after her son was killed, a mother still grieves because his killer is still free.

24-year-old Willie Flowers was shot twice in the head on August 15, 2006 near Velvet ridge road in North Little Rock.

The North Little Rock Police Department  said it was still investigating the open case, but had no leads.

This wasn’t the entire reason Flowers’ mother, Eddie May Flowers, was upset with the police. She claims they knew who shot her son, but weren’t working hard enough to get concrete evidence.

Eddie May says she had police documents, lineup photos, autopsy photos and witness statements that proved a man was guilty of the crime.

One of the people questioned by detectives told them he saw a man shoot Flowers in the back of the head and his ear.

“Why they ain’t never picked this man up?” Eddie may asked. “If he’s the killer and he’s been ID’d, why y’all didn’t pick him up for questioning?”

According to police documents, detectives did.

The documents also show that man Eddie May believed killed her son failed a lie detector test.

But according to Eddie May that still wasn’t enough evidence to arrest him.

FOX 16 is working to confirm this information.

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