LR Police Chief Talks to Ward 2 Residents

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The city of Little Rock is near a record pace for the number of murders in one year and the new police chief is hoping to change that.

He asked for honest conversations during a series of meetings he's holding this month...and that's exactly what he got.

The first meeting wrapped up this evening at Willie Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center off of 12th street.

Police Chief Kenton Buckner got an earful from folks living in Ward Two.

That's the area from Midtown to Southwest Little Rock.

One woman says she hears gunshots every night and another lady says prostitutes swarm the streets of her community.

Chief Buckner listened to folks issues and offered suggestions.

Erma Peterson said, "There are grown men standing around selling drugs and you know that's what they're doing."

Folks got right to the point complaining about shootings prostitution and drugs...and not enough police presence.

Chief Buckner said, "The police can't do this alone, we need the help of our citizens to be the eyes and ears and that first line of defense and public safety."

The chief is talking about community policing which is getting neighborhoods involved in crime prevention by calling officers to report problems and also mentoring kids to keep them off the streets.

People we talked to say they're ready to step up and take back their neighborhood.

One man who attended said, "It's time that we as a community step in and do something for ourselves, not just sitting there and arguing with the police. It's time that we got engaged."

During the entire meeting Chief Buckner took notes of complaints and suggestions.

He says he plans to address each issue brought up at tonight's meeting.

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