Markel Owens' Mother Speaks Out About Double Murder

JACKSON, TN -- Tonight two men are behind bars and a heartbroken mother is speaking out after the murders of an Arkansas State University football player and his stepfather.

This morning, U.S. Marshals tracked down the second suspect Johnny Wade.

Officers arrested Derrick Wade on Friday.

Both are charged with two counts of felony murder each.

Markel Owens' mother was inside the home when two masked gunmen killed her son and husband.

Chermaine Owens heart was ripped apart this week.

She says strangers busted into her Jackson, Tennessee home killing two of her loved ones, also shooting her in the leg.

She said she was certain Wednesday night she would die too.

Owens says a masked gunman burst into her bedroom, but her son -- Markel Owens -- rushed to help.

Sadly, he was shot too.

"He ended up on the floor and all he kept saying is mom I am shot, mom I am shot," Owens said.

Owens says Markel just got to the home right before the shooting.

She says he was at his grandparents' home just moments earlier.

That Wednesday night, Owens also lost her husband Johnny Shivers.

In another part of the house a second gunman demanded money from Shivers.

Owens says her 16-year-old son was in the same room and saw what happened next.

She said, "They walked out, and they came back in, and they shot him a couple more times. So, he basically unloaded his gun on my husband." 

Jackson police named robbery as the motive in these shootings and Shivers the target.

Detectives say they found a large amount of marijuana inside his home.

Owens says her husband struggled finding a job after a felony arrest which happened when he was a teen.

She said, "Being a man, with a family of two kids, he wanted us to eat, he just wanted us to eat, he just wanted us to eat. He didn't know any enemies."

The two murder suspects are expected to be formally charged in a Jackson city courtroom Tuesday morning.

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