Murder Suspect's Father Pleads for Son to Turn Himself in

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The father of a murder suspect is begging for his son to stop running and turn himself into police.

Little Rock police said Steven Hayes shot and killed a man over the weekend.  He's also accused of shooting another person, but that victim managed to escape.

George Hayes teamed up with "Stop the Violence" leaders on Tuesday to publicly urge his son to turn himself in.  Hayes said he talked to his son Steven the day after that deadly shooting but was not able to convince his son to surrender.

That shooting happened Saturday evening on Elam Street.

Detectives said the shots were fired after an argument.  Police have not been able to track Hayes down yet. They consider him to be armed and dangerous.

Steven's father said he wishes he knew where is son was.  He made an emotional plea for his son to stop running and go down to police headquarters.

George fears for his son's life if the search goes on.

"It's several pastors that's praying. So many folks praying for you. It's crazy! They're praying you come back safe. Praying you turn yourself in," George Hayes said.

"We're just glad it's someone outside of police department is saying to a person to turn themselves in," said Lt. Sidney Allen, spokesman for the Little Rock Police Department.

Hayes said the entire family is distraught over the murder and that Steven could be linked to it.

Hayes has already sought legal advice for his son.

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